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Calgary Business Wireless Telephone, VOIP, PTP

Our high quality wireless digital phone service provides customized solutions for your business needs and puts security and privacy first.

Unlike other carriers in North America, we have not selected Amdocs for our billing data. As of 2003, TELUS has outsourced all telephone
records and billing data to an overseas company, Amdocs.  We believe a local call should be classified as a local call.

Calgary Business Wireless Telephone, VOIP, PTP in Calgary

VOIP Services Available
Low Latency Business Landline
Toll Free Numbers Service
SIP Based Communications
Locally terminated DIDs (Direct inward dial)
Premium Call Routing

Packaged pricing available with WestNet Business Wireless Internet

Contact us at info@westnet.ca or we may be reached by telephone, 403-774-7470

For support: support@westnet.ca or telephone 403-774-7470 option number 2

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