Calgary Highspeed Airport Shuttle, with Wi-Fi

Try Our In-Vehicle Wi-Fi Toyota Supra High-Speed Airport Shuttle Request Service.

We Regularly Travel Between Downtown Calgary And The Calgary International Airport
This service a pilot project for our in vehicle Wi-Fi Service which we deployed in 2002.
You get to experience and enjoy our In-Vehicle Wi-Fi Service while we operate our fleet of high speed Toyota Supras to and from The Calgary International Airport.

Book Today:

The rate for the standard Toyota Supra Wi-Fi is fixed at $50.00 CAD, payment by Interac, credit card, cash and a receipt will be provided.

Real Time Fleet Availability, Allocation and Status:

1992 Toyota Supra Turbo Manual Convertible Targa (4P) $50
1992 Toyota Supra Turbo Automatic (Showroom Vehicle) (4P) $125
2000 Toyota Landcruiser Limited $100 (7P)
2004 Ford E350 Extended Super Duty, V10 6.8L News Van, $125

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