Time Line

Time Line

WestNet Wireless's Mobile HotSpot Vehicle (MHSV)

WestNet.ca Wireless will release its case study on our Mobile HotSpot Vehicle

April 2007
Abdul Traya says if the network licensing is approved by industry Canada, he hopes to launch a AMPS analog network

January 2007
Traya says his CDMA network will be open to any compatible CDMA device.

July 2006
WestNet launches city wide Wi-Fi network in Calgary as a pilot project. 

Articles Acheived 1997-2002

August 2001
Abdul Traya announces his WestNet WireCELL solution

September 2001:
Abdul Traya announces his that his firm will enter the competitive wireless market in Canada.

December 1998
Traya Net to become parent holder of WestNet Communications Canada, domain westnet.ca is renewed and ownership is transferred to Traya Net Inc.

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