Alberta - Calgary Area Rural Wireless Internet Service, Conrich, Chestermere, Highway, RR 284

An alternative high speed internet service in rural areas near Calgary Alberta.

Fixed Wi-Fi (Residential Internet)

Enjoy up to 100 megabits per/second download and upload Compare that to Shaw or Telus and save! WestNet offers the FASTEST upload speeds in the country!
Plans start at $49.99 to $99.99/month

To inquire on new service, please send us a email, to with your service address including your unit number and or Rural Route Address!
Because we own our existing infrastructure, including communicaiton towers, land, and other environmental infrastructure we are able to give you a high quality of service and keep costs low.
US-based IP Addresses Available!

HotSpot Wi-Fi (Cafe, Hotel, Park, etc Internet)

To sign up you will need to located in our HotSpot signal, look for the "WestNet" Wi-Fi Network on your computer or device.
$9.99 for high speed wireless internet per month (Wi-Fi HotSpot)

We made Calgary the first municipality in Canada to have its very own Wi-Fi network. We initially deployed outdoor Wi-Fi in 2002, again in 2004 and 2006. We now own and operate the largest Wi-Fi network in the country, both in terms of area and total amount of devices connected.
See our Wi-Fi Coverage *This coverage map is not our rural coverage*

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