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Calgary Municipal Wi-Fi Network Information FAQ

What is WestNet Wireless Wi-Fi?
WestNet Wireless is a local Calgary company that offers Wi-Fi internet, over an area of 30 square kilometers, making us the first in Canada to do so, with the largest network footprint.


What does WestNet charge?

WestNet offers free and paid services; the difference may be speed and a higher quality of service.

How do I connect to the WestNet Wi-Fi Service/Is there coverage in my area?
Simply search for wireless network (SSID) “WestNet xxx”   xxx is the name of your community, building or relevant area.  

How many users does WestNet have?
As of July 8th 2010, over 20,500 users have connected to the WestNet Wi-Fi Network

Why was the WestNet Wi-Fi network created?
By consumer demand, in Calgary, like most major Canadian cities, consumers had only two choices for their internet services, in this case, TELUS or Shaw Cable. This monopoly forced Calgarians to pay for some of the highest rates in the world, for high speed internet access.

Is your internet faster then TELUS or Shaw?
One of the main advantages of WestNet is that your Wi-Fi connection is directly connected to our 100mbps fibre optic network, making us the first company in Canada to bring these speeds to the consumer.  If this fibre service was offered by the local competitors, it would cost over $3000 per month to you. Unlike TELUS or Shaw Internet, WestNet Wireless speeds are symmetrical, meaning you can upload and download at the same speed. (Up to 54mbps depending on your signal strength)   Presently, Shaw Internet does have a coax cable based service, at 100 megabits per second download, and 5 megabits per second upload, however this coax throttled service costs over $160 per month.

Why is my upload so important?
Scenario; you subscribe to Shaw’s High speed Package at $55 per month, with 10 megabits per second download and 0.5/half a megabit per second upload capability.  It’s time you send your mother in law in Halifax a video of her new grandchild. This video is only 600 megabytes. (1 megabyte = 8 megabits) The video would take nearly all day to reach your mother in law. It would of been much faster if she booked a flight and departed Halifax and arrived in Calgary to see your new born.

I am an investor, technology vendor or other corporation interested in doing business with WestNet, who would I contact?

I’m/we are a commercial property owner/landlord wishing to bring WestNet Internet to my tenants or have WestNet place a cell tower on our roof top, who would we contact?


For information please call 403-774-7470 or visit


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